DJ Jump, born in 1977, is a well-known Italian DJ/Producer of national and international dance.

His successes of:

  • Andy – Forever With U;
  • Double J – Ecoute Moi;
  • J-An Project –Falling in Love.

In 2011, together with his partner Jenny Dee, he created the J-Art project.

Boom Beat” and the official remix of “The Champions of the World” – Get Far – increase its notoriety.

In 2012 the famous record label – Do It Yourself – recruits the Dj Jump within its artistic staff.

Love is gone” comes out, a singularly international singer, sung by Lili Rose who achieves international success.

In 2013, “Don’t Look Back” came out with a more commercial character thanks to the collaboration of Lexter and “Always on my mind“, with the confirmed voice of Lili Rose. This presents several musical influences from Dubstep-Trance to Electro Pop.

Always on the crest of the wave, Dj Jump remixes for famous Italian-international artists such as Lady 6, The Soundlovers, Edward Maya, Donatella Rettore and Raffaella Carrà.

In 2013 he comes out with the international remix of Ola – “Jackie Kennedy“.

In 2014, DJ Jump began a new collaboration with the record label – Bang Record.

He made his debut with the song “Keep On Fightin’” – with the beautiful voice of Sushy.

The 2015 continues with the release of “Alchemical Love” – ​​this time flanked by the voice of Rebecca S.

The second part of 2015 is marked by the release of “Brothers of the Light“, in collaboration with Dino Brown (from m2o radio) known for his dance music program.

This last production is perpetually ranked in the Top 20 of I-Tunes, which leads him to be nominated for the “best dance song 2015” at the Dance Music Awards that ended with the third step of the podium in front of great figures of dance like Federico Scavo, Cristian Marchi and the Vinai.

On May 27, 2016 he went solo with the production of “Sikania” – an international album that recalls the sounds of European dance-pop.

Thanks to it in 2018 he was awarded a prize at the Dance Sicily Music Awards.

On March 24, 2017 “Beat on my mind” comes out – the J-Art come back with a production with a strong 1950s style appeal.

On 27 June 2017 “We Ride” comes out – a pinch of country, mixed with popular singing with a nice dose of southern Italian flavors.

2018 is the year of “Memories” with an exceptional feature from the 1990s: Nathalie Aarts, the voice of The Soundlovers.

On 1 February 2019 he released with Bang Record under the exclusive license of Sony Music: Dj Jump – Back To The Feat: The Album – The First True Unpublished Return of the Artists who marked the dance music of the 90s. Dj Producer Giampaolo De Cesare (Dj Jump) has given life to a project that will shake this musical period with strong references to the 90s hits with unpublished songs.

The album BACK TO THE FEAT was born from the collaboration of Giampaolo De Cesare (Dj Jump) with the big names of the 90s dance music: Jeffrey Jey (Eiffel 65), Nathalie Aarts (from The Soundlovers), Kim Lukas, Erika, Neja, Haiducii, Dj Ross, Magic Box, Paps, Roby Rossini and voices of Marco Ravelli and Lady Helen to end with a flourish. Together with all these artists Dj Jump surrounded himself with two other well-known names within the sector: his partner Gennaro De Stefano (Jenny Dee) and Massimiliano Pompeano (Dj Maxwell).

The choice of the output with the physical CD is the first concrete reference to the style of the 90s, the creation of something that will remain over the years and which will become a “relic” in time and become part of the history of 90s music, another chapter to add to this wonderful journey that does not seem to end.